A Listening Series on Climate Justice & Collective Liberation



We are bringing together leaders from the climate movement and broader fights for social, economic, and racial justice to be In Conversation about how we can build deep relationships and coalitions to achieve collective liberation, growth, and transformation. We will be releasing episodes that feature activists and organizers from front line communities most impacted by climate crises to talk about how our collective fight for climate justice can help us build and move towards climate resilient communities. We will explore questions including: How are movements for black freedom, queer liberation, immigrant justice, and indigenous sovereignty connected to our fight for climate justice? How do we make sure that communities on the front lines aren’t left out of climate solution-making? How do we ensure that our movements aren’t perpetuating structural systems of oppression? What do we envision when we dream our biggest dreams about a world where we are able to truly thrive?


In movements saturated by urgency and calls to action, we are slowing down to hold space for deep vulnerability, honest conversation, and powerful storytelling to foster the growth that is necessary to sustain and propel our movements forward. Our current topics include the following in relation to how they connect to climate and environmental justice:

Queer and Trans Liberation: released on 25 June 2019

Immigrant Justice: release TBA

Indigenous Sovereignty: release TBA

Gender Justice: release TBA

Racial Justice: release TBA

Disability Justice: release TBA

Youth Leadership: release TBA



Phillip Brown (they/them) is a queer immigrant originally hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, where they spent 18 years of life in deep relationship with the earth for survival, protection, and resilience. They come alive as a fierce organizer, healer, facilitator, writer, and coach committed to powerful storytelling centering QTPOC voices in the struggle to save our planet and communities. They’ve worked with many youth-led organizations, including Sunrise and SustainUS, and now join Our Climate Voices as coordinator and co-host of In Conversation. They reside in Miami where, in their spare time, they love dancing, biking, beach days, and endless conversation.


Aletta Brady (she/they) is a queer and gender fluid writer, organizer, and strategist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has worked as an organizer around queer liberation, immigrant justice, labor rights, and environmental justice for over a decade. She is a member of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO's Youth Working Group, and a former Fulbright Research Fellow in Jordan. She is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Arabic, and passionate about the power of storytelling. In her free time, she loves boxing, biking, and rowing along the Mississippi River. She is the founder and Executive Director of Our Climate Voices.



If you have suggestions for future episodes or are interested in partnering or collaborating with us on this project, feel free to reach out: