If you are able, we invite you to partner with us by sponsoring a storyteller.

Our Climate Voices uses an impact-driven storytelling model to bring attention and and support to grassroots, climate justice efforts by providing a platform for those directly impacted by climate change to tell their stories. By sponsoring a storyteller, you are making it possible for a powerful climate advocate to broadcast their story to the world, which drives local, national, and international support. 

We aim to be as transparent as possible about our work. In that spirit, we want to share with you the climate series that we plan to produce in the next year. We are seeking partners and sponsors for these projects:

  • Climate Migration: We want to document the impacts of climate change on migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. 
  • Gendered Impacts of Climate Change: Women are hit first and hardest by climate change and are running groundbreaking campaigns against climate change with specific attention to the ways in which women must be protected. 
  • LGBTQ + Climate Change: We want to expose the ways that LGBTQ people, and especially QTPOC, are impacted disproportionately by climate change, given the high rates of homelessness in the community, limited family support networks, and discrimination and lack of training from medical response workers re: queer and trans health. 
  • Young People Taking Climate Law Into Their Own Hands: We plan to highlight the work and activism of young people who are holding their governments accountable for climate impacts using principles of equity and justice. 

If you are moved by any of these projects, please consider sponsoring a a series or a storyteller. For $4,500, you can sponsor a full five-part series to amplify local climate justice work. Or, for $900, you can amplify a storyteller's voice. Sponsors are invited to follow along throughout the production process, through live video and photo updates as well as q&a sessions with the storyteller.

All donations are tax-deductible.