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You can make a difference. The magnitude of the climate disaster can feel daunting, but the only way to ensure an equitable transition towards a sustainable world is for us all to pitch in. Collective action compels real change.



This is the best way to have a concrete impact. OCV storytellers have insight and wisdom into how to create and sustain a more equitable and livable world. They are amazing grass-roots local-based activists. You can support their work through monetary contributions, and by taking the suggested action steps listed at the bottom of each of their stories. 


As an emerging climate justice place-based storytelling initiative, Our Climate Voices is grateful for your support. If you are interested in donating or sustaining our project, visit our Patreon. OCV thrives only because we are fortunate enough to receive support from amazing individuals and organizations. We would love if you would contribute to and be a part of this momentum.

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OCV is 100% funded by generous individuals. And for that, we are so grateful.


Tell your story

Talk with our storytelling team about telling your story with OCV. Email us at ourclimatevoices@gmail.com.