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Our Climate Voices is an emerging anthology of stories that amplifies first-person climate change narratives.

our mission

Our mission is to contribute to a shift in climate change dialogue that puts the voices of those most impacted at the forefront of the conversation. When the collective impact of climate change disproportionately affects the world’s poor, women, and people of color, it is illogical--and immoral--that only a select few have the platform to speak out on environmental injustice. This is our world and our earth. New voices bring both fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the climate change dialogue.


We do this work because who doesn't love stories?

We believe that storytelling is an underutilized and vital tool in the fight for climate justice. First-hand narratives connect with people on an emotional level and raise the issue of climate change in people's hearts and minds. Stories are more memorable than facts and figures. 

We believe in the importance of listening to and learning from one another. OCV storytellers provide a window into the daily ways that climate change affects us all. This global disaster is urgent and each of our communities is impacted. Our storytellers have insight and wisdom into how to envision a more equitable and sustainable world. Effective climate justice work strengthens not only environmental health, but also human livelihood. We are all better off when we support healthy relationships with one another and with our planet.

Our team is fiercely committed to fighting for a world where food and water scarcity, drought, and other natural disasters are not exacerbated by climate change. We will use our stories to advocate for mitigation, and resilient and adaptive communities.Our weapon is our humanity coupled with our voices.

OCV is supported by the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Youth Working Group, a group of fourteen young leaders that collaborate to engage and empower youth worldwide.